The bitterness I have become

The bitterness I have become, as a person, easily irritated, defensive and aggressive. All is because of the accumulation of  injustice, unfairness, unequal and underrepresented, This place has turned me into someone else… Continue reading

Family, Honesty and Love Unconditionally

So I’ve been watching a series call ‘Jane the Virgin’, I did not think about it much when I started watching it, just thought it was a nice funny movies with good rating.… Continue reading

I’m Back

  What a year without proper writing, well I was quite busy with life as a graduate student. So many stories, so many baking and cooking session. New posts are coming up soon!!… Continue reading

Do you know your history?

When thinking about who you are, where you come from, things that shape your identities like language or culture, I think most of us, not all, are taking our own history of identity… Continue reading

Chill and Panna Cotta

Recipe from Donal Skehan ( This one is another thumb up recipe, very easy and delicious to make. I couldn’t get strawberry so decided to use mulberry instead. The color is really dark,… Continue reading

Home Wanderlust

There’s no better place to escape the heat than wandering in your own home garden. I was fortunate that I have some space to grow plant. I love plants, the green and the… Continue reading

House Party – One Pot Chocolate Cake

We had a house party the other day for our running team, it’s been a while now since last time the team really come together and drink. With little time to prepare all… Continue reading

Wat Phu Festival, Champasak Province – Laos

Recently I traveled down South with my colleagues for work trip. It took almost eight hours bus ride, I felt exhausted even before any of my work start. It was one of the… Continue reading

Sunny Bake Day – Double Banana Chocolate Oat Cookies

My full time job has been really overloaded. I felt exhausted with the mixed overwhelming feeling that keep on pouring on my chest every single day. It’s been months since I write something. Here come the Sunny… Continue reading

Oh Pie~, How much I love you

Celebrated the National Day by stayed at home and baked something, and it turned out to be a piece of pumpkin pie ~. This is my first time attempt, I need to buy… Continue reading